¡Aprendiendo español! – Why you should learn Spanish with Spark

¡Hola y bienvenidos! This means “hello and welcome” in Spanish –

This blog entry is about learning Spanish with Spark!


First of all:

Whether you are young or old – everyone can learn Spanish in Spark – it´s never too late.

“How is learning spanish with spark? Do I need prior knowledge?”

Just as I said – everyone has the opportunity of learning Spanish whether or not you have prior knowledge.

Spark uses a level test before you come, to put you in the class that suits you best  and to optimise your learning.

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What makes Spark different?  

I already had one year of Spanish in my school before I came to Spark:

It’s definitely not comparable.


1.)  People have come to Spark from all over the world to learn Spanish; you will be learning amongst other highly motivated students just like you!

This can make group work more enjoyable and create a relaxed atmosphere in classes.

2.) Every teacher in Spark is dedicated to helping you practise your Spanish and to see the progress you’ve made by the end of your course.

If you live in our Sparkville Residence, you may still find yourself conversing in Spanish over dinner  or with a fellow student or staff member!


3.) Learning spanish with spark isn’t boring – quite the contrary – the personal and conversational elements of the classes make them more fun.

4.) You will never be afraid of asking a question – teachers in Spark are approachable and glad to answer any questions you may have.

…and last but not least…

5.) Learning Spanish in Spain is the best way you can learn it!

You can improve your skills so easily by talking with other Spanish people at the cultural activities! For example ordering something to eat, or getting to know someone… Spanish people are so friendly with learners of their language, and feeling that they’ve understood you speaking their language is unbeatable!

So don’t delay! Start your Spanish learning journey!

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