Mission Statement – Samuel Domscheit

After being here in El Puerto de Santa Mariaā€¯, for three weeks of language course and an work internship, I  will be happy about the fact, that I had been to Spain and about the all i had gained from the experience, both linguistically and practically in term work skills.

I will set myself goals I want to achieve, while being here. For instance I want and will  get more independent (e.g. from my parents, who are not able no to help me here, if there is a difficult situation etc.) . This is really important to me. Moreover I am going to learn to organize things on my own, like small trips etc. . So I will get prepared  for my future way of life.

Another significant point I mention is that,  I will improve my language skills in spanish, through the daily Spanish language courses and my time spent with spanish family.

These are two very important points to me as I am committed to achieveing them to help prepare me for the future post school.

During the internship, I  will work hard on my Interior Design tasks I am going to. I will focus my energy on the creative side but also be responsible with finishing things on time and being tidy. I am committed to learning work skills and that will help my in future work and in life.

More imprtant is that I will achieve a change of my  own character through the points mentioned above as I really want to embrace personal profesonal self development and for this reason I will set myself real micro goals into order to achieve my macro objectives listed above.

In the following three weeks I am committed to realising my full potencial to leap forward and learn something every day.

Samuel Domscheit

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