Mission Statement – Josefina

I am doing a work experience and spanish programme in El Puerto de Santa Maria and this is my mission statement stating what i will achieve whilst here in Spain.

I´m very happy to be here and very excited what will be expected of me in the next weeks. I have been always interested in a language exchange with Spanish host family therefore I hope that my Spanish will increase a lot over the time here. But not only that intention brought me here. To be alone with no family for the first time for such a long time can be terrifying at first because it demands independency, and responsibility but more over freedom. I pretty sure it will help me with my personal self-development and will prepare me for the rest of my life. I really like making new experiences, learning new thinks and general improvement. I´m looking forward to get to know the Spanish culture better as well as and the way of living here.

I want to speak Spanish as much as I can to reach my full potential. With the time I will get more confident in my language skills like fluency and confident in Spanish. I´m sure my Spanish teacher will be proud of me :).

Everybody fails sometimes or makes mistakes but they are good, I don’t want to get frustrated because to learn out of them is the point, and to take it as a chance to improve yourself. Keep excited and passionate and take the critism! Don´t limit yourself and close yourself up for others. Appreciate the steps you made instead of getting mad at yourself for the things you don´t know. I recognised in such a short time I have been here I already made such a process which I should always keep in mind. I want others to see my positive attitude and that I´m hard working and very passionate. I’m somebody doesn’t take herself to seriously and I like to help others. I want to make a good impression on the people I´m surrounded with therefore I hope they see me the same.

Other people describe me as and very extroverted person so I want to make a lot of new friends here.  

I´m sure these weeks here going to be unforgettable and will always be a good memory I can look back with a smile.

I don’t know what will expect me in future nevertheless I know now what my interests are right now and what I love to do. I´m really into creative things, making new friends, get to know other cultures and languages and sports like volleyball. Therefore I´m sure I will have a great time here because the language school here and my family offer me so much.

I’m very happy and thankful that I got the chance to be here.

Josephine Marie Hilser

me Josephine

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