Mission Statement – Paul Hugo Dircks

I am doing a work experience and spanish programme in El Puerto de Santa Maria and this is my mission statement stating what i will achieve whilst here in Spain.

My vision is to learn about the spanish culture and the spanish language better. I also want to get to know new people, like my host family here.

I know it will help me a lot in my school time, because my confidence to speak English and spanish will grow massively.

An other good aspect of the internship is that i will become more a bit independent, cause I have to speak Spanish with my host family. It’s a bit difficult, but it’s really good for my Spanish talking skills.

The internship gives me a lot of motivation to repair things on my own, cause i work in the language school on things like tables or seats that are a bit damaged. Repair them cost literally nothing and make fun.

I also want to inspirate people in case of the beauty of Puerto de Santa Maria, a city near to the south cost of Spain. My intention about, are some little designes in the language school matching to the surroundings. For example the old and cultural streets in combination with the palm trees and the coulourful Houses. I think it would look great in the spark language school. Maybe also some designs matching with the dance culture in Puerto de Santa Maria. Flamenco was established here and that’s the reasons I would like them designs to be in the school. It could inspire people from other nations or with other interest, to go to an flamenco training.

I want to come back to Germany as a confident person with a bigger horizon than before.
In case of that I want to achieve some new experience I never felt. Something like go to a dance school or to find new friends from other countries.

I could do a lot of things to grow my own horizon.

Furthermore I want to learn more about the people and the culture. I will tell my family a lot about the culture and about the things I done here.

The next best aspect is that the people here are also so friendly and open with you. I always try to help them with the chores in my host family. Furthermore I will try to teach them something about my home Germany and about the things I like. My host brother there is like a friend for me. We talk in Spanish, cause I want to learn the language better.

This is my motivation and will succeed.

Paul Hugo Dircks

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