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Students´ opinions about Spark Spanish, El Puerto de Santa Maria and the Spanish classes.


Sparkville Review: my second student video

Review video about the Sparkville Residence including students comments about the bedrooms, communal areas, roof-terrace and the atmosphere in general. Made by Spark Spanish student while doing the work experience program.

Spark Deco Weekend

You all should remember our Spark Deco of last spring, we then transformed one of our basic double rooms into a very comfortable double room en suite. After a stressful week, this room is changed in a very warm and… Read More

Spark Bedroom

Spark Deco’s Week is Over

Spark Deco’s week is over ! After a stressful week, we finally did it! The key-word of the week: organization. On Monday morning, I prepared my to do list for each weekdays and the list of what to… Read More

Spark Deco in El Puerto !

 Spark Deco in El Puerto !!! You all have probably heard of Sparkville Residence, or even discovered it yourself, haven’t you? Well, you won’t recognize it anymore! As clean as a whistle, we’ll make her, a second life… Read More

The Spark Building has been born…

The Spark Building has officially been born. For the first time since the renovations began, the Spark Building has finally got a name publically displayed above its door. This white banner is for our English Academy, which will… Read More