Mission Statement for Work Placement in Spain – Maebel Bakker

 Mission statement – Maebel Bakker

By the end of my internship at SparkSpanish, my HU International supervisor, Bregje Snel will be able to say that I succeeded in all parts of the requirements of this internship. She will be able to confirm that I gained more business experience in an international environment and due to this my knowledge collected at HU is extended. To do so I will keep Bregje Snel up-to-date weekly by email and through Skype meetings. Besides that she can see that this period made me grow in both business and personal aspects. To meet all the requirements stated by HU I will prove that I’ve done analytical work and used this during further projects, besides that my languages levels of both English and Spanish will be improved. These points will be stated in the final appraisal from Bregje Snel by the end of the internship. To measure this in concrete numbers I want to achieve a final grade for my internship that’s between 7 and 10.

During my period at Spark I will be recognized as a highly motivated and dedicated team player, a person who’s easy to work with and has a willingness to help whenever it’s needed. I hope I can inspire and learn my colleagues during my internship but mostly learn from them and gain knowledge about their business experience and passion. My colleagues will look back on me as a professional intern who is highly motivated to learn and also fun to work with.

My managers will be both content with the work that I do during the internship as well as with the personal growth I went through. They will see me as a reliable and motivated intern who was valuable for the team. They can both confirm that I delivered valuable work and knowledge to Spark and combined this correctly with my assessments for school. Besides that they will endorse the fact that I came to Spark for business experience and cultural knowledge rather than having 10 weeks of fun in Spain.

My period at Spark will provide me with lots of new knowledge which will be both business and personal related. I will extend my experience in the work field and gain more cultural/ethical knowledge in general. Besides that I will develop more communication skills and will learn about managerial and marketing aspects. This period will bring me lots of personal development as well, such as growth in independence, growth in confidence etc. This all will be a valuable addition to both my HU degree and personal development. Besides that this will help me in my further career and hopefully be seen as an additional experience.

To achieve all these things I will use an open-minded view as much as possible, I will focus on my learning progress and developments throughout the whole period. This will require a highly motivated & can-do attitude, I will generate this attitude by keeping the end goals in mind and staying positive!

Maebel Bakker was on the work and study programme and developed our School Group Website

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