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Work and Study in Spain: Mission Statement

On work experience programme at SparkSpanish, one of the first things every student on work and study programme does is write up a statement of professional and personal targets and objectives they wish to achieve during their time on the programme. Below is my mission statement listing the things I will achieve during my time studying and working in Spain.

Finlay Worrallo

Statement of Intent

I want to feel proud of myself when I return to England at the end of September, and to feel like I did the best job I could. As well as learning Spanish, I’m here at Spark to gain valuable experience working in an office environment and doing something I love writing in a professional capacity. I’m never going to have this exact same opportunity again, and to make the most of it I need to push myself to work as hard as I can. I want to arrive home as a more mature person.

I have an irrational fear of failure which I am going to work hard to combat, as without failing there’s no chance of learning. I’m also going to be aware of how I come across to people and focus on being polite, engaging and fun to work with. I want to be an inspirational and valuable member of the team, without deliberately drawing attention to myself. I will not let anyone down or disappoint anyone and I will not expect other people to look after me. I will aim to be more competent and mature than the average seventeen year old through my commitment and my understanding of the work.

As well as my fellow workers, I want to get on well with my fellow students and do my part in improving their time at Spark. I’ll look out for them and keep my eyes open for any problems of theirs which I can help with, whether they be language problems or personal problems. I want to fight against my natural instinct to stay in the shallow end and avoid risks, and try new things with the potential of failure. I’ll work hard to have a good attitude to my work and do it with energy and passion, even when this requires a lot of effort. If I think I genuinely need help with a task, I will ask for assistance, but I will always do my best to solve my own problems without asking for help.

I will not make excuses for myself. I will take full responsibility for what I do, even when this is hard. I will aim to learn from, and respect, more experienced team members. As I can imagine writing in a paid capacity in the future, I want to learn from others who have already gained what I want to gain, and listen to every piece of advice they give.

I want to be honest in what I say and do, but I also want to avoid being unnecessarily personal and burdening others with my feelings. I will take full responsibility for my own feelings and retain a professional attitude in everything I say and do.

Most of all, I’ll aim to give more and put in more energy than I think I can. I will learn to push myself to the limit with my work and give to others more than they give to me.

Finlay Worrallo

During my time on my work experience I will be doing blogging for our spanishschooltours website. My aim is to write up 5 great blog posts a week, so start getting excited to read them!

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  1. Excellent mission statement Finlay. Hope it helps provide focus not just for the work experience but for having a focused objective driven mind for any future challenges 🙂

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