Cultural activies with Spark, enjoying beachlife in El Puerto

The first Spanish cultural activity

Buenas noches! I have been at Spark for more than a week now and I have enjoyed every moment of it! My Spanish skills are improving rapidly and I have already organized my first Spanish cultural activity as an intern at Spark during my work and study program here.

This afternoon I took my fellow students to Playa de las Redes, a beautiful beach in El Puerto de Santa Maria, which is a 10 minutes’ drive from the bus stop near Spark. Last week I went there by myself, to see if the place would be suitable for a first Spanish activity and to see how public transport in El Puerto works, since I am not a local.

The weather was perfect and as a result the beach was even more beautiful! We went to a typical Spanish beach bar (Chiringuito Salvador) for a drink, while enjoying the view and the refreshing southern Spanish sea breeze. I brought some games, such as beach tennis and a frisbee, so after the drinks it was beach game time! And at this time of the year the ocean water turned out to be surprisingly warm! It was a lovely first activity. I am looking forward to the next events and where my work experience at Spark will take me!

Hasta luego!

beach-los-redes-el-puerto    Playa de las Redes El Puerto de Santa Maria

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