Work Experience: What I’ve Learned

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I’ve come to the end of my four weeks of Spanish work and study experience at Spark, and I’ve learned a lot. I’ve discovered more about my own abilities and how my time management is not my greatest skill and so needs improving. I’ve learned to push myself and to be focused and committed when working. In future I think I need to be stricter with my goals and focus more, but I think I’m improving.

I’ve discovered a lot about the mechanics of blogging and different techniques that bloggers use to increase traffic. Should I wish to start blogging personally, which I’m considering, I will have some valuable experience and knowledge which will help me to do this.

I’ve found the other team members supportive and encouraging, and I hope I’ve been a good team member in return. Though I haven’t interacted with them much due to my work being self contained, they’ve been extremely helpful whenever I’ve needed any help.

By taking on responsibility and independence, I fell I have matured as a person and am one step closer to being able to live independently as an adult. The work experience has also opened my mind to careers I hadn’t especially considered before, and given me much food for thought.

There have been moments when I’ve struggled or wondered whether this is the right thing for me, but I’ve pulled myself together and managed to make the most of it. I’ve benefited enormously from these four weeks of studying Spanish and working on my blog posts.

Overall I’ve had a fantastic time here and am incredibly glad I went. Thanks to everyone at Spark!

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