Interview with a Pair of Students: Sam and Danielle

Spanish Course from Recent Students’ Perspective

Is this your first time at Spark?


How long have you stayed at Spark this time?

Two weeks

What country are you from?

The UK

What was your reason for coming to Spark?

To help us gain confidence in speaking and understanding Spanish before going to South America

What have you most enjoyed at Spark?

Firstly, meeting new people and teachers and staff. The facilities in Spanish Cultural Residence for washing clothes and cooking are great, not forgetting the ensuite rooms and air conditioning, and the rooftop terrace. And the spanish cultural activities and outings to new places with the teachers, staff and other students have been fantastic

What has surprised you the most about Spark?

The location, at first, but we’ve gradually got used to it. The standard of Spanish teaching is great, and Spark has made us able to speak and understand Spanish a little bit better — it is definitely an improvement!

What advice would you give to someone coming to Spark for the first time?

Try to socialise and help others, and enjoy learning

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