Work & Study: What I have learned

I have been at Spark for six weeks and I am now at the end of my work & study program. In these weeks I have organized cultural events at Spark and wrote blogposts about these cultural activities and Spanish culture and lifestyle here in El Puerto and the Cádiz region. This fantastic progam at Spark provided me with valuable work experience abroad, while learning Spanish and experiencing the Spanish/Andalusian culture and history.

Playa de las Redes El Puerto de Santa Maria

Work Experience: What I’ve Learned

Reflections on a month’s work experience

Cultural activies with Spark, enjoying beachlife in El Puerto

This afternoon I took my fellow students to Playa de las Redes, a beautiful beach in El Puerto de Santa Maria, which is a 10 minutes’ drive from the bus stop near Spark. Last week I went there by myself, to see if the place would be suitable for a first Spanish activity. The weather was perfect and as a result the beach was even more beautiful! We went to a typical Spanish beach bar (Chiringuito Salvador) for a drink, while enjoying the view and the refreshing southern Spanish sea breeze.