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At Spark we believe that learning Spanish is more than going to class in the morning, which is why during the summer months (July to September) we run an action-packed activity programme. Learning Spanish is also learning about Spanish culture. It is a personal experience, an opportunity to meet other people, a chance to immerse yourself in a different culture, a time for personal development, and much more. This is why we put a lot of emphasis on our Cultural Events Programme, as we thoroughly believe that it plays a very important part in making your Spanish learning experience not just a fantastic experience, but one you will never actually forget. The Spanish Cultural Event programme is also about learning the Spanish lifestyle — learning how to life like a Spaniard, you could say!

In our Cultural Events Programme, students at Spark can experience the rich Andalusian culture, its cuisine and its lovely people. Examples of cultural activities include going out for tapas, sherry or wine tasting, a cooking class, horse riding shows, exploring our amazing El Puerto de Santa Maria, visits to beautiful beaches, daytrips to beautiful cities or little villages in the Cádiz province, hiking in the mountains, Spanish breakfast, Flamenco shows, and many more.


The activities are also useful for practising your Spanish. We call this “Español en Acción”, as it teaches students to use the Spanish language in a cultural event. It encourages students to use and enhance their Spanish skills with each other and with locals. Check out this Español en Accion video at one of our “Español Total” events, as images speak a thousand words.

Besides practising your Spanish language skills, the cultural events enable you to discover Spain: ‘Descubre España’! We will show you parts of the Cádiz province that you didn’t even know existed, and you can discover this beautiful part of Spain that is almost exclusively known by Spanish tourists. So at Spark you can study Spanish where the Spanish go on holiday: the Costa de la Luz. In these unique places, we have found fabulous restaurants and spots to enjoy spectacular Andalusian sunsets, experience the amazing culture and much more.

The events are coordinated by Spark staff members or an intern from our Work & Study program. They are in charge of organising and leading these activities and they will also encourage you to speak as much Spanish as possible on these events. The Cultural Events Programme is organised for all our students with a lot of enthusiasm and eye for detail. The activities are organised after class or occasionally during the weekends.


Example Spanish Cultural Event Timetable*1

Afternoon Evening Language Rule
Sunday arrival arrival of new students arrival of new students Anything goes as this is settling in time for new students.
Monday Welcome lunch. A welcome drink provided by Spark Free Time Anything goes as this is settling in time for new students.
Tuesday Descubre España- visit Cadiz Free Time Practice with Spanish locals.
Wednesday Free Time Free Time
Thursday Free Time Clase de Cocina Total Spanish.
Friday Departure Ceremony Free Time Total Spanish
Saturday Day Trip To Bolonia beach and Roman Ruins Day Trip To Bolonia beach and Roman Ruins Total Spanish but more relaxed

*1: this is a timetable from high season, the number of activities can vary from 2-4 a week depending on the number of students and time or year. Spark runs the cultural activity programme free of charge but does not cover costs like transport, entrance tickets or food.

Interested in our cultural events programme? You can read more in the blog posts about cultural events.

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  1. The paella evening was a nice event; Gloria did well and it tasted fantastic.

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