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Adult GROUP Intensive Courses Prices: 28.07-28.09.19


Course[2] Price Timetable Long stay student discounts[3] When?
General Spanish(20 classes[4] + cultural activities[5]) 190€:1 week + discounts 10-14.00[6]  3 weeks= 5%, 4-7 weeks= 10%, 8 and over= 15%. July to September for other times of year consult one to one and closed group options.
Intensive Spanish(20 group classes[7] + 5 hours of individual class  + cultural activities) 290€:1 week + discounts 10-14.00 (gen)15-16.00[8] (1-1) 3 weeks= 5%, 4-7 weeks= 10%, 8 and over= 15%.
DELE Preparation Course[9] 25 classes (20 group class + 5 small group class doing specific exam preparation) 290€ 10-14.00 (gen)15-16.00[11] (1-1) When?
Leading up to DELE Exams
For all courses there is a 25€ registration fee which includes all books needed on the course.


One to One Classes: BATCHED Fixed Timetable by Spark p/week Closed Group BATCHED Fixed Timetable by Spark p/week  One to One Classes FLEXI Varying Timetable P/class Closed Classes for 2 people Closed Classes for 3 people Closed Classes for 4+ people
Prices 5 one to one: 125€
10 one to one: 225€
15 one to one: 350€
20 one to one: 425€
all must be done in one calendar week.
as left + 50€ 5 hours / 100€ 10 hours / 150€ 15 hours/ 200 € 20 hours per 1 person. Any extra person thereafter is per person: 25€ 5 hours / 50€ 10 hours / 75€ 15 hours/ 100 €
all must be done in one calendar week.
27€ per hour 09.30-20.00 17.50€ per hour per person 12€ per hour per person 10€ per hour per person
Spanish Classes 1 – 4 hours per day, between 09-15.00 but timetable set by Spark. as fixed timetable one to one. flexible times and days (weekdays)  but must be pre-agreed week to week. as 1 to one Flexi as 1 to one Flexi as 1 to one Flexi
Where Spark Spark Spark  Spark  Spark  Spark
Included class  materials, unless specific language focus*1 as fixed timetable one to one. class  materials, unless specific language focus*1. class  materials, unless specific language focus*1. class  materials, unless specific language focus*1. class  materials, unless specific language focus*1.
When All year round. All year round. All year round. All year round All year round All year round
Conditions – Min 5 classes per week.

– Class timetable fixed by Spark and can not be changed.

as fixed timetable one to one. Min 5 classes Min 5 classes Min 5 classes Min 5 classes
Discounts 2-3 weeks = 5%/ 3 weeks= 7.5% / 4+ weeks= 10%  as fixed timetable one to one. 10% on 10 or more classes paid in one go. as one to one flexi. as one to one flexi. as one to one flexi.

Accommodation Prices: : 28.07-28.09.19

Accommodation: all prices per person. Price per person week Saturday nightend of course[12] Any other night[13] Notes
Sparkville Premium Room Ensuite. 190 30 50 Premium rooms have own bathroom, an A+C unit, exterior window and fridge and are more isolated from main residence.
Sparkville Single Room En-Suite 165 25 45 Have A+C and own bathroom.
Sparkville Single Room 135 20 40 Have A+C and share bathroom
Sparkville Premium Double Room: A+C and safe. 130 p/p (260 room) 20 pp (40 room) 30pp (60 room) as info in single premium
Sparkville Double Room En-Suite 110 p/o (220 room) 15 pp (30 room) 25 pp (50 room)  as info in single ensuite
Homestay half board 245 40 40 Breakfast + dinner
Homestay full board 275 45 45 All meals
Homestay complete 325 50 50 All meals. Guaranteed that host is a family. More trips. Recommended for 16-17.

***All accommodation is from the Sunday night before a course to the Saturday morning after the end of the course.  There is a special price for Sparkville residence for adding on Saturday night at the end of the course.***

Language Holidays


  • In July to September ONLY: pickups from Jerez airport
  • 40€ from Jerez. If two people coming together second person is 10€.

Price Notes

[1] Spark prices are revised in August each year.  However any booking done prior to this revision is charged at current calendar year rate.
[2] Spark caters for all CEF levels but students are advised to do the level test ahead of time so they can be properly placed in the best level ahead of time. In the rare case a student were alone in a level, we would still run the class but it would be 2 hours of one to one.
[3] All discounts are on student course price only.  For the discount to be valid all payment must be made in one go BEFORE the start of the course.
[4] There is one 15-20 minute break during the 4 hour class.
[5] The social events programme runs only July to September. It will have a minimum of 2 activities and normally 3-4.  Many events do not have any cost for students but events that include things like ticket entrance, drinks or food etc… are not covered by Spark but by the students as an optional expense.  All activities are optional.
[6] On occasions in high season some classes could be in the afternoon 16-20.00. If this were the case it would be communicated ahead of time.
[7] This course is made up daily by the 4 hour general Spanish plus 5 1 hour of 1 to 1 classes
[8] The time is normally 15-16 but can vary depending on Cultural Activities.  Exact time would be communicated to student on arrival.
[9] This course follows the general Spanish course in the morning and has 5 hours dedicated to exam prep. It does not include the cervantes exam fee.
[12] Always available on request. Special daily price in Sparkville residence as an earlier check out is required at 10.30.
[13] These days must always be checked whether possible.

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