Adult Course Price List

Scroll below to see the prices on the web page or click on the indicated link to see them in pdf. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Group Spanish Classes

Group adult classes are for 16 years and above and run between 26.07-22.08, rest of time we offer personal programmes. All classes include:

  • 4 classes per week day with a 15-20 minute break in middle.
  • A cultural activity programme of between 3-5 activities per week.
  • A certificate and awards ceremony at the end of the chourse.
  • A-Level students can a more personalised report.
  • Small class sizes, normally 3-5 students, although max sinze is 9.
  • Personal attention and learner plan throughout.
CourseNotes Price Discounts
General Spanish09.30-13.30. 190€ 5% 2 weeks, 10% 3-4 weeks
Intensive Spanish As above + 5 one to one 16-17.00 290€ as above
A-Level RevisionAs aboce + 5 a-level specific classes with just a level student + set homework time, 290€ as aboce

One to One and Close Group

We offer one to one and closed group classes year round. Our options vary from booking up 5 to 20 one to one classes per week. Alternatively if you are a small group you can form your own “closed group”. All one to one teachers are specialised in providing personal attention to students.

ClassOne to One ClassClosed Group (this is private class for a group of students)
Price5 one to one: 135€
10 one to one: 235€
15 one to one: 335€
20 one to one: 435€
all must be done in one calendar week.
as left + 50€ 5 hours / 100€ 10 hours / 150€ 15 hours/ 200 € 20 hours per 1 person. Any extra person thereafter is per person: 25€ 5 hours / 50€ 10 hours / 75€ 15 hours/ 100 €
all must be done in one calendar week.
Timetableany time between 09-20.30 set by spark but agreed with student.as left
MaterialsNormally the teacher will use photocopies but if a book is needed to be purchased this is not invcluded and with be charged at retail price.as left.
WhenAll year round but we recommend the group option between July/August. as left.
Discounts 2-3 weeks = 5%/ 4+ weeks= 10% . Discounts are only possible when paying up in one go ahead of time and are not available when not doing the set amount of contracted batched hours per week. i.e. if contract 10 hours but chose to do these over 2 weeks of 5 hours a week the discount is not available as the batched price of 10 classes already has a discount over the 5 hour price. as left.

Evening Course

One class 1.5 hours a week. 55€ per month, except September and June 35€.

Sparkville Residence

All rooms have access to the following communal areas:

  • Large roof top with part covered over and part open. Perfect for chilling out, sunbathing and doing a BBQ.
  • Large communal kitchen: oven, kettle, hot plates, grill, microwave, toasters etc…
  • Large living room eating area.
  • Games rooms with many board and other games.
  • Study areas, includying small library.
  • Television Room.
Room TypeNotes: Week Price Sunday to SundaySingleDoublePerson 3 or 4Extra night
Premium RoomEnsuite bathroom and shower. A+C in room. Exterior window. Private fridge and safe. Also little more isolated from main residential area. 210300+60 p/p60
Premium Mini AppartmentLarge Room with accompanying independent single room. Both ensuite. A+C in both rooms. Simple kitchen facilities. Own fridge. Exterior window. Below main residence area.N.A450+60 p/p 80
Ensuite PLUS Large rooms. A+C. Ensuite. Do not have exterior window. Located more centrally.160240+40 p/p 40
EnsuiteSmaller rooms. A+C. Ensuite. Do not have own exterior window. Located more centrally.135210N.A30
Shared BathroomShared bathroom and shower between 3 rooms. Do not have own exterior window. More isolated location.135210+30 p/p 30

Home + Family Stay

Home stay is for adults wishing to share accommodation with Spanish host and have some meals provided. Family stay is for school students looking for a family and exchange experience. All accommodation is Sunday arrival to Saturday departure although extra days can be added. Pick ups can be added (for additional cost) for family stay option: 40€ one way from Jerez and 70€ one way from Sevilla.

AccommodationNotes – price Sunday to SaturdayPriceExtra night
Homestay Half BoardHomestay half board with own room in house or flat. Bathroom may be independent or shared with others in the accommodation. The host would be someone of the apx same age where is possible. Hosts on this programme will usually not be families.Breakfast and dinner are included. This is independent programme with no guaranteed supervision hence why it is open to only 18 and over.25540
Family HomestayThis hosting option is guaranteed with a family with a host partner of the apx same age and gender. Full board is provided, although some lunches may be packed lunches, especially if the students are doing a cultural event. The family will do activities with the students, especially at the weekend. Also the level of supervision will be greater, although students will have the independence level equivalent to their host partner. It is the perfect option for students 15-19 wanting to have controlled independence in Spanish cultural environment. 34550

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