Luise Köhler: My Mission Statement

What I am going to achieve during my time at Spark:

In my four weeks doing the work and study programme , learning work skills and practising Spanish language, I will become confident in speaking Spanish and having accomplished a good job.

I will achieve my goal to improve my Spanish every day, even if it takes me out of my comfort zone, by speaking to my host family daily and talking to people I might not know, no matter if it will only be the cashier. I will maintain regular use of Spanish and English as those will help me in my future life.

By doing my tasks organised and with motivation I want to prepare myself for future jobs and help Spark in terms of decoration and eg. helping with classes through my English.

Through organising and planning these tasks mostly by myself, I will learn to become independent and overall more organised.

When returning home I will be proud of the things I’ve accomplished, being a more confident, organised and well prepared person as well as being overall more positive and motivated.

Luise Köhler

10 Power Statements I will use on this process are:

1. I will ask and learn instead of saying “can’t”
2. I will be responsible for my own destiny
3. I won’t fear failure, as through failure I will learn
4. I will set myself goals and reflect on them continuosly
5. I will establish and stick to good working habits
6. I will do my responsibilities with motivation
7. I will spend my time wisely
8. I won’t put myself into any category
9. I will find positivity in every situation
10.I will always push myself to be better
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