Cultural activities with Spark, exploring Spain’s rich food culture

Food related cultural activities with Spark

This week I organized two food related cultural activities in El Puerto de Santa Maria as an intern at Spark for my work experience program. So, besides learning Spanish at Spark, we are able to explore the Andalusian culture and cuisine. 

It is October but it still pretty hot in El Puerto de Santa Maria, so we started with a refreshing welcome drink on Tuesday and ate some delicious tapas for lunch at tapasbar Molinete, which is close to Spark. Spanish food, fellow students, and great weather: it is a perfect combination.

The second activity was a Spanish breakfast before our Spanish class, a great start of the day. A typical Spanish dish for breakfast is churros con chocolate, so this morning we went to a nice bar close to Spark to eat churros. They are perfect for dipping into hot chocolate. Experiencing the Spanish lifestyle in the morning and studying the Spanish language afterwards, it is one of the many things that makes Spark so special.

What I have experienced so far, is that working and learning Spanish at Spark in El Puerto de Santa Maria means; a great quality of education, but also exploring the Spanish lifestyle of eating tapas and delicious Spanish dishes, getting to know the Andalusian culture and its lovely people, and enjoying the amazing weather. The Costa de la Luz offers a quality of life that many can only dream about, therefore a good reason to study Spanish at Spark!


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