Spark Your Spanish – Verbos Reflexivos

Learn Spanish Grammar with Spark Spanish Aprender gramática española con Spark Spanish In Spanish there are lots of little things that you need to remember and it’s hard to get your head around all the grammar. So here at Spark… Read More

Battle of Guadalete

Battle of Guadalete The first time that Muslim troops entered the Iberian Peninsula was in 711, at the Battle of guadalete. Musa troops were led by Tariq and were invited by Agila. Don Rodrigo fought  against Agila for… Read More

New Spanish Blogs

Discover more about Spain Saludos a todos los seguidores de Spark¡ In this blog we`re going to tell you all news related to Spain. Sure you are interested in Spanish culture,  food,  activities or politics. We’re going to tell you everything about all of these themes. Mi nombre es Maria y a partir de ahora voy a informarte de todas las… Read More

El Pasado

Hablamos sobre los pretéritos Uno de los temas que más les interesa a los alumnos trabajar en la clase de español es como referirse al pasado. Y es natural, porque el pasado es uno de los tiempos a… Read More

Spanish Food Vocabulary – learn from our mistakes!

When you’re learning a new language, one of the first things you learn is food vocabulary. Studying Spanish in Spain, we all need a basic understanding of what menus and signs in supermarkets mean, especially in an authentic… Read More

Aprendiendo Español con Saana, Martine, Vico y Kale

Saana, Martine, Vico and Kale put their Spanish into practice by writing a blog about their experience at Spark.

Top 10 Spanish idioms…

A collection of our favourite Spanish idioms, with English translations. Join our Spanish newsletter and keep in touch with Spanish news and tips on the best ways to learn Spanish.