You are thinking about learning Spanish, but you don’t know where to start?

Well here are my suggestions how I think YOU will get the best out of your effort!

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Hello everybody!

During my three-week work and study Spanish experience in Spain, I didn’t just want to get some work experience but also wanted to combine that with getting to know the Spanish culture. Therefore, I decided to stay with a host family, which turned out to be a wonderful decision!

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Did you kow that Spanish is the mothertongue to about 400 million people all around the globe?

Whether you are working with an international company, want to improve your cognitive skills or would like to travel and explore the world, learning Spanish will definitely be helpful!

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During my three-week work and study Spanish programme at Spark, I want to work on my personal development and I want to be seen as an open-minded and reliable intern. This statement is going to explain how and what in particular I am planning to achieve during my stay.

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During my three-month placement at Spark, whilst working and studying Spanish, I want to work on my personal and professional development and become an efficient, reliable and valued staff member. My mission statement sets out how I will achieve this, and by reflecting on it, I can take responsibility for my own personal development.

I need to develop good work habits in order to reach my full potential in terms of what I can contribute to the team. This includes becoming conscious of negative and limiting thoughts when they occur to me, and replacing them with more constructive ones. In this way I can push myself to continue learning rather than being limited by self-doubt or blame.

I will take on challenging tasks rather than allowing my fear of failure to hold me back from trying. This may mean asking for help when I need it, and persevering with skills which I find harder to pick up. When I do fail, I will hold myself accountable and make sure the issue gets resolved. Whatever successes and failures I have, I will learn from them.

Rather than striving to carry out small tasks and details to perfection, I will consider how they fit into the bigger picture in terms of the objectives I am trying to achieve. In this way, I can allocate my time and energy efficiently, not spending too much time on less important details.

Chloe Huggon

Chloe Huggon

Finally, through my attitude and energy I will be a positive influence on the atmosphere at Spark. I will approach my daily work, regardless of the type of tasks I am carrying out, with enthusiasm and positivity.



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Do you live in El Puerto or Rota or nearby and aren’t happy with your Spanish Level?

Why not join us in Spark this July to September for an intensive course of 10, 20 or 25 hours plus cultural activities. Not only will you make great progress with your Spanish level but you’ll also meet other people striving to take their Spanish forward and get to do some exciting cultural events too.

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SparkSpanish con Loreena – Todas mis experiencias en Spark


Este vídeo es contiene todos los vídeos de mi vlog “SparkSpanish con Loreena” y otros vídeos divertidos. Muestro todas mis experiencias de tres semanas en Spark y con mi familia española. He disfrutado mi tiempo aquí que puedes ver en este vídeo también. Son tres semanas inolvidables para mí.

Loreena Rech

Hola, me llamo Loreena Rech, tengo 17 años y soy de Alemania.Participé en el work and Study programme aquí en Spark, estudiando el español y haciendo vídeos para apoyar Spark. Ahora quiero mostrar que hacía en detalle durante mis prácticas.

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Vlog – SparkSpanish con Loreena – 13


Mi último día aquí en Spark estaba muy divertido. Pero es triste que mi tiempo en Spark ya es terminado. Nunca voy a olvidar esta experiencia buenísima. La ceremonia despedida estaba muy bonita y voy a echar Spark de menos.

Loreena Rech

Vlog – SparkSpanish con Loreena – 12


Ya he mostrado diferentes acciónes del programa cultural en Spark. La clase de flamenco es organizado de Spark también. Es una vivencia muy divertida y puedo recomendarla. Es parte de la cultura andaluza y una buena manera de aprender más  palabras en español.

Loreena Rech